The mechanized car parking systems are the perfect solution to optimize spaces in commercial places that need practical solutions for car shed.

Thanks to the modular development of this type of parking and the high possibility of customization it is possible to install them in the most varied contexts, it is not difficult to see them in commercial places where it is necessary to arrange numerous cars very quickly.

Our mechanized car parks guarantee the use of the available spaces with the least use of building works, they are, in fact, completely adaptable to existing buildings.

Elevazione srl offers "Velox Park" a parking system that uses a special software that can move cars frontally, sideways or with interconnected axles at a very low power cost, engaging only 0.7 kwatt.

The automation of the "Velox Park" makes the car move autonomously from the parking place to the collection place, it is not necessary to be supervised and it is not accessible since entry is allowed only to authorized users.

Elevazione srl is a Mirano Venezia company specialized in mechanized parking.
Even if there are many competitors on the market, Elevazione Srl has always been a point of reference both nationally and internationally.

To find out more about our mechanized parking or all our services, visit the website or call and request a free personalized quote to +39 041.575 7946. We are in via Galileo Galilei, 12 30035 Mirano (Venice), Italy.

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