VELOX PARK is the ultimate realization of innovative ideas aimed at the solution of problems such as the handling and storage of cars both in the centers and historical buildings of the cities, both in modern and futuristic structures such as hotels, shopping centers etc. . This parking system uses an original software developed for handling mechanical pallets that carrying the cars directly to their own places. It is a universal system for handling cars characterized by qualities like easy installation and basic maintenance . It's an extremely versatile device that can be adapted to function of front, side or axis interconnected parking. It performs movement of cars every 3 seconds with only 0.7 kWatt power engaged. Strengths and uniqueness of the system is the low power used and the precision of the movements. Each parking space is powered independently, so the number of parking spaces depends only on the space available to the project. The development of this type of modular parking and the high possibility of customizations make possible its installation in various contexts, always ensuring the greater exploitation of the available spaces with the least use of building works. Velox Park is an innovative parking system so we prefer to show only general information and images.